We’re gonna be Royals

I’ve been experimenting with my art flow these days. Trying to push myself to try aspects of art which I usually would shy away from. 

Color has never been my forte. I have had difficulties is expressing the right color patterns, and the right form of using colors. The lines were too harsh, the gradient was never the same balance throughout, the shadows didn’t go together, etc.

But I slowly begun to realise that all of that doesn’t matter. It’s how you evolve. As you do in any other aspect of life. You try things. You fall. You get back up, and you move forward. Even if it is the wrong road (or in this case, wrong shading techniques). 

My husband and I binged watched Prison Break yesterday, and it was really hard to keep up with working on this and watching the show. 6 hours / 9 episodes later, I finished this beauty.

My love for blue skin has continued to enthrall me. The suspense, meaning, excitement of reading the importance of blue skin in Indian Mythology has taken a life of its own in my imaginative brain. 

Presenting Royalty…



It’s a cool rainy evening. There’s the reassuring breeze that’s letting you know that her friend, the Rain is on his way. He’s just stopped over to quickly make an appearance some kilometres away. He’ll soon be making his presence felt.

You’re excited. After the long, tiring day of listening to people constantly talk about the Earth, Ashoka the Great, Julius Caesar, the Reproduction System and other matters, all you want to do is come back home, put your legs on your bed and enjoy the evening uninterrupted.

This is pretty much every day. The life of a student.

Before you left to school, Daddy tells you that the weather forecast for the day is ‘rains after sunset’. A big mistake on his part. Feeding your brain information that will run on loop all through the day.

So while you sit there, looking aimlessly into the teacher’s eyes and pretending to understand the gibberish that is being taught, your head is slowing putting on it’s creative hat. Will Mummy make pakodas? Or some bajjis? Maybe you should try something different today. Coffee and spicy Bhel Puri. But you have to remember to go get it from the ‘gaadi guy’ before it starts raining.

The day drags on. Like mozzarella cheese on pizza. You’re tired. You want to go home.

And finally, when the bell shouts ‘get out’, you’re the new P.T Usha on the block. You get home, kick off your shoes, get into your PJs and praise everything good to finally be in your room.

The moment is finally arriving. You wait, just to ensure whether mom is making the delicious treats or if you can go and get some munchies.

Mom comes in, and she has a plate of biscuits. And coffee. The sheer disappointment. Coffee, you understand. But biscuits. She walks away, but not before letting you know that all you’re going to be doing for the next few hours is “STUDY”.

No rain, no hot treats, no lazing round.

Your only solace is going to that place of hope. Dreamland…


(P.S: Kannada portion translation: “Odhabekendare naanu nanna Favourite jaagakke hOgutheyne”, meaning Everytime I am asked to study, I go to my favourite place- Dreamland)

Wavy Hair- Scare!

I’ve been awkwardly good at a few things. I say awkward because I’m a little shy about showing these things to public; mainly because of the fear of criticism.

People have told me that I’m funny. In an unconventional sort of way. And a LOT of dirty references. But hey, DIRTY works right? I mean, everyone’s thinking it. But I’m just bold enough to put it out there. A friend once told me that you can make ANY SENTENCE on this planet sound dirty. And that’s only because everyone has already referenced it in their minds in some sort of way. Think about any sentence right now. And think of any way you can destroy it in your mind.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, I’m digressing now.

I’m also fairly good at art. But I’ve been pretty ‘shut doors’ about it for a long time because of the fear that people might not appreciate it. But thanks to the million Instagram feeds that I aimlessly go through each day (I follow a LOT of art pages), I’ve started to understand that any art is good art. And it’s about the love YOU have for it. There will always be criticism.

I’ve been pretty keen on communicating concepts through doodling. Like stories, things I’ve heard, everyday life, etc. Been wanting to do it for a very long time now. I finally gathered the time and (courage) to do it. I also decided to put a funny twist to it. Just so the doodles can be entertaining.

Living away from my home I call Bangalore, and moving into my new home here in Sydney, I’ve been missing talking to people in Kannada.

So there you have it: Concept Doodle of an average Bangalore Kannada hudugi living in Sydney.

The Series

Final I think new


Thoughts? 🙂

Mandala Madness

Been making a lot of doodles in my spare time. This was during the wedding season. I needed a stream to let go of all my tension and confusions.

Doodling really helped me cope with this moment. Especially mandalas. There is a magic to the whole idea of creating concentric circles and making symmetric art in between them to form a beautiful design.

All the attention that goes into the details absolutely entertains me!

This particular design was made when I ‘accidentally’ bought stationery instead of bangles for the wedding. Yeah. I preferred the stationery to the bangles. I mean, you’d rather just buy colorful pens than bangles right? RIGHT?

Okay. Just me I think. Anyway, I bought the Staedtler colour Ball pens which come in the 10 set. Honestly, I didn’t like them very much. I’ve gotten better and smoother ball pens, for much much cheaper. But then again, Staedtler is one of my dream brands. I absolutely love them. Everything about this screams AWESOME. There’s the fact that they make anything and everything related to stationery, and they’re GERMANS! Woot!

I’m digressing. This was a very raw Mandala. Not much effort went into this (because of the limited spare time I had, and my mother yelling in the background to at least act like a bride for some time). It was long forgotten until my husband and I bought a cute little scanner home. And I decided to scan all of my older works and work on them digitally, for practice of course.

Here’s what the raw image looked like after scanning:

Scan 3

And here’s what it looks like after making some minor color adjustments and adding some contrast:

Trial Mandala

Thoughts? 🙂