Mandala Madness

Been making a lot of doodles in my spare time. This was during the wedding season. I needed a stream to let go of all my tension and confusions.

Doodling really helped me cope with this moment. Especially mandalas. There is a magic to the whole idea of creating concentric circles and making symmetric art in between them to form a beautiful design.

All the attention that goes into the details absolutely entertains me!

This particular design was made when I ‘accidentally’ bought stationery instead of bangles for the wedding. Yeah. I preferred the stationery to the bangles. I mean, you’d rather just buy colorful pens than bangles right? RIGHT?

Okay. Just me I think. Anyway, I bought the Staedtler colour Ball pens which come in the 10 set. Honestly, I didn’t like them very much. I’ve gotten better and smoother ball pens, for much much cheaper. But then again, Staedtler is one of my dream brands. I absolutely love them. Everything about this screams AWESOME. There’s the fact that they make anything and everything related to stationery, and they’re GERMANS! Woot!

I’m digressing. This was a very raw Mandala. Not much effort went into this (because of the limited spare time I had, and my mother yelling in the background to at least act like a bride for some time). It was long forgotten until my husband and I bought a cute little scanner home. And I decided to scan all of my older works and work on them digitally, for practice of course.

Here’s what the raw image looked like after scanning:

Scan 3

And here’s what it looks like after making some minor color adjustments and adding some contrast:

Trial Mandala

Thoughts? 🙂


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