Wavy Hair- Scare!

I’ve been awkwardly good at a few things. I say awkward because I’m a little shy about showing these things to public; mainly because of the fear of criticism.

People have told me that I’m funny. In an unconventional sort of way. And a LOT of dirty references. But hey, DIRTY works right? I mean, everyone’s thinking it. But I’m just bold enough to put it out there. A friend once told me that you can make ANY SENTENCE on this planet sound dirty. And that’s only because everyone has already referenced it in their minds in some sort of way. Think about any sentence right now. And think of any way you can destroy it in your mind.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, I’m digressing now.

I’m also fairly good at art. But I’ve been pretty ‘shut doors’ about it for a long time because of the fear that people might not appreciate it. But thanks to the million Instagram feeds that I aimlessly go through each day (I follow a LOT of art pages), I’ve started to understand that any art is good art. And it’s about the love YOU have for it. There will always be criticism.

I’ve been pretty keen on communicating concepts through doodling. Like stories, things I’ve heard, everyday life, etc. Been wanting to do it for a very long time now. I finally gathered the time and (courage) to do it. I also decided to put a funny twist to it. Just so the doodles can be entertaining.

Living away from my home I call Bangalore, and moving into my new home here in Sydney, I’ve been missing talking to people in Kannada.

So there you have it: Concept Doodle of an average Bangalore Kannada hudugi living in Sydney.

The Series

Final I think new


Thoughts? 🙂


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