We’re gonna be Royals

I’ve been experimenting with my art flow these days. Trying to push myself to try aspects of art which I usually would shy away from. 

Color has never been my forte. I have had difficulties is expressing the right color patterns, and the right form of using colors. The lines were too harsh, the gradient was never the same balance throughout, the shadows didn’t go together, etc.

But I slowly begun to realise that all of that doesn’t matter. It’s how you evolve. As you do in any other aspect of life. You try things. You fall. You get back up, and you move forward. Even if it is the wrong road (or in this case, wrong shading techniques). 

My husband and I binged watched Prison Break yesterday, and it was really hard to keep up with working on this and watching the show. 6 hours / 9 episodes later, I finished this beauty.

My love for blue skin has continued to enthrall me. The suspense, meaning, excitement of reading the importance of blue skin in Indian Mythology has taken a life of its own in my imaginative brain. 

Presenting Royalty…


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