We’re gonna be Royals

I’ve been experimenting with my art flow these days. Trying to push myself to try aspects of art which I usually would shy away from. 

Color has never been my forte. I have had difficulties is expressing the right color patterns, and the right form of using colors. The lines were too harsh, the gradient was never the same balance throughout, the shadows didn’t go together, etc.

But I slowly begun to realise that all of that doesn’t matter. It’s how you evolve. As you do in any other aspect of life. You try things. You fall. You get back up, and you move forward. Even if it is the wrong road (or in this case, wrong shading techniques). 

My husband and I binged watched Prison Break yesterday, and it was really hard to keep up with working on this and watching the show. 6 hours / 9 episodes later, I finished this beauty.

My love for blue skin has continued to enthrall me. The suspense, meaning, excitement of reading the importance of blue skin in Indian Mythology has taken a life of its own in my imaginative brain. 

Presenting Royalty…


Shine on you crazy Floyd

1 copy-1.jpgYou reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon; Shine on you crazy Diamond. You’ll were an absolute inspiration to many musicians and people around. Be it your unprecedented tone of music, or the heart-felt emotions in your lyrics. There’s absolutely no doubt it was a sad day in a lot of people’s hearts when you’ll decided to break up.

Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the good times. Thank you for the relationships you created through your music. The grass was definitely greener,
The light was undoubtedly brighter, With friends surrounded, you’ll brought about the nights of wonder.

For all the good times. Thank you Gilmour, Waters, Barrett, Mason and Wright. You can never be replaced. You music, is forever, and endless river.

Made with true love. A devoted fan.


Ship of Fools

I met up with my girlfriends on Sunday, for some brunch and then drinks later on in the evening. This was a long pending meet. We just don’t find the time to catch up these days, what with work and all. So to break the (curse), we finally met up, and it was such a refreshing day!

We went to this beautiful little place called Daddy’s Deli in Indiranagar (12th Main), and although their main cuisine in Parsi food (which is exceptionally delicious by the way), they have these monthly dedications to other cuisines. It was was an Italian menu going on when we went. I ordered the Vegetarian Lasagna. Wow. It was exquisite! Here’s what it looked like, and honestly, it tastes even better than it looks.


Later on, we went to The Humming Tree, and over a few Sangrias and Long Islands, we started our banter about how everything’s going to be changing soon, with some of us already having the “marriage” talks at home. We decided we need one big holiday, just us girls, before one of us came with the Mister. :O

We decided an out of the country trip later on in the year, and singled in on Sri Lanka. And what would make it even more special is if we went on a cruise! Can’t wait for this trip to happen! I did a little dedication for this since it’s all that’s been running in my mind since yesterday. 🙂



Hope its going to be a Ship of Fools soon! 🙂